Types of Gujarati cultural dance forms

Gujarat has its own identity in the world due to its culture. There are so many different cultural festivals are celebrated by Gujarati people but garba is a famous art form widely accepted by other states too who does not belong to even Gujarat. Gujarati people are so enthusiastic about Navratri as they all excited to enjoy and play garba. Garba is not just a dance form it’s a beautiful way to pray and worship to goddess Durga. People play garba to dedicate their self to goddess Durga (Amba). The beauty of garba is playing a garba restlessly at midnight with colourful lightings and a loud falk songs, and colourful glasswork traditional chaniya choli, Banjara, kapadu and kediyu etc adds more fragrance in garba. Garba is nothing without all the above.

By giving you a short description of Dandiya and garba in my previous post now you are familiar with the culture of Gujarat. They play garba in Navaratri, Janmashtami, Ganesh chaturthi,  or even in some personal occasions like  wedding ceremony and all. All we want while playing garba is beautiful folk songs. Traditional jewellery and beautiful glasswork in colourful costumes adds more beauty in it.

Types of Raas Garba

Arvachin garba, prachin garba, govaliya raas, Garba raas, Dandiya raas, hinch, Bhuva raas, athiyo raas, tipani raas, jagadmaiya raas, taali raas, ghummat rass, titodo, beda raas, khanjari raas, matka raas, maniyaro, kaan gopi raas, Gopi raas,Banjara raas, western garba etc…

All dance forms have their different expression and story to say. Here you will find different costumes according to different dance forms. All you will see a magic of garba is over the moon. People enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Garba and dandiya

Garba and Dandiya are form of cultural dance origin from of Gujarat which is placed at Western zone of India. Garba and Dandiya is called ‘raas’ in general. People play garba in Navaratri which is called ‘Norta’ in Kathiawar origin. Navaratri is a festival of goddess Durga which is called goddess Amba (jagaDamba) in Gujarat. Garba play only in a circular way where goddess Amba placed in the middle of the circle and people play around them with holding a Garbo on her head. Garbo is an prop made from clay pottery which has holes around it and there is a diya inside the Garbo. That stands for a universe and a lady taking it is a creator of the universe. Garba plays by only women. Now a days this style of garba is rarely plays by people. People mostly prefers TAALI RAAS and call it as a garba in general way.


Dandiya has unique style to palys. Dandiya plays with a prop which is made from a wooden stick about 1.5 feet length and it is known as a Dandiya. Dandiya have a two circles in which one is outer side which plays clockwise and another plays inner side which plays counter clockwise. Both the dandiya players hit the dandiya gently to each other’s Dandiya (with opposite queue player). And move ahead. It has many different creative styles to play now a days. People mostly prefers Dandiya in janmashtami. Look back to the history Dandiya played for the first time when lord Krishna protected people from flooding and hold the Govardhan mountain on his finger and all the villagers including gopis had celebrated it with playing Dandiya.


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